This course is the perfect solution for pilots looking to keep their B737 type rating current!

Course Prerequisites:

  • The pilot must hold at a minimum a current Private Pilot certificate with appropriate type rating in the
    B737 aircraft, and
  •  The pilot must show documentation of satisfactory completion within the preceding 12 months of:
  • − A complete pilot-in-command proficiency check in an aircraft that is type certificated for more than one required pilot flight crewmember or is turbojet-powered or
  • − A B-737 Type Rating issued after satisfactory completion of a training program utilizing a
    B-737-NG aircraft or Full Flight Simulator as courseware.
    This documentation must show completion of all procedures and maneuvers required by 14 CFR §

Course Outline:

Plan on approximately 3 days of training. 

$6,900 Per Pilot

2 Pilots Required